"Never Buy
or Be Withou
t Electricity Again"!
Provide Priceless Safety & Comfort For Your
Family During Electrical Power failures!
The United States Patent & Trademark Office Issued an
International Patent on August 24, 2010!
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What's New on Feed-in Tariffs
The following states in there efforts to promote
statewide growth of customer/on-site renewable
energy systems has introduced
Feed In Tariff
legislation which if enacted would provide "monthly
 to system owners for the purchase of the net
electricity the system generates in their homes!

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Alternative Energy
New Energy Inventions
Stop Smart Meters!
Two Mothers Arrested as Naperville
Armed Police Assist Forced Smart
Meter Deployment on Private Homes
Posted on January 23, 2013 by onthelevelblog   
The Darker Side
Of "Smart" Meters Video
 Smart Meter Dangers
 Smart Meters And Public Health
 Smart Meter Facts
  Facts About Smart Meters
How to retain your analog meter
Naperville Police Threaten to Shoot
Dog Unless Given Permission to
Install Smart Meter
 Smart Grid Technology    
Implicates New Privacy
March 30, 2012 by David Munkittrick
Provide Comfort & Safety For Your
Family During Electrical Power

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Some Will Die!
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